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2024 Federal Airlines Shuttle Airfare Sheet

ALL AIRFARES IN SOUTH AFRICAN RAND - ZAR. All fares include VAT, but EXCLUDE applicable taxes and relevant runway fees mentioned under Fare Notes.

Effective date below means that the stated rates will apply for bookings made on or after such date.  
ALL AIRFARES IN SOUTH AFRICAN RAND - ZAR. All fares include applicable taxes & VAT

2024 Johannesburg - Madikwe Shuttle Flight Rate Tax
Adult Tax
Child Tax
Infant Tax
Johannesburg OR Tambo to Madikwe Lodges R6 355 R6 229 R4 798 R1 589 R126
Madikwe Lodges to Johannesburg OR Tambo R6 355 R6 355 R4 766 R1 589 R 80

Fare Notes
* A minimum of two guests per booking is required. A single guest supplement may apply.
2024 SA & SADC Residents Airfares (Subject to SA ID or SA Passport being presented) Flight Rate Tax
Adult Tax
Child Tax
Infant Tax
Johannesburg OR Tambo to  Madikwe Lodges R5 500 R5 373.50 R4 156.63 R1 375.00 R126,5
Madikwe Lodges to Johannesburg OR Tambo R5 500 R5 500.00 R4 125.00 R1 375.00 R0 .00

*The R240 Rock Fig runway arrival and departure fee applies to the guests staying at the following lodges: KAM, TAN, SBI and UML. This fee is per person and excluded from the above rates.
* A minimum of two guests per booking is required. A single guest supplement may apply.

Flight Information

  • Departure and arrival times stated above may vary up to onehour.
  • Updated departure times from the lodges, and the time to beready for the flight, will be communicated by the lodge.
  • For guests connecting onto domestic flights we recommendthey allow a minimum of 2 (two) hours from the above arrival times.
  • For guests connecting onto international flights werecommend they allow a minimum of 3 (three) hours from the abovearrival times.
  • Guests connecting to and from our Madikwe Shuttle onto theLowveld Shuttle may be accommodated for same day travel. These flightsalso connect with the Tswalu air service.

Note: Whilstevery effortis made for guests to make all connections, we are not responsible forany missed connections as a result of delays or any other operationalmatters.
          A minimum of 2passengers are required per booking. Single passengers may be charged asingle supplement. Refer to Rates sheet for further details.

Standard Rates

  • Details of our standard published rates are found on therates page included with this Agents manual.
  • Updates to rates will be communicated to all agents by thefederal Airlines Commercial & Reservations agents, and will bepublished on our website.
South Africa &SADC Resident Rates
  • Special reduced rates are available for South African& SADC residents.
  • Only available to South African ID / Passport and SADCPassport Holders (ID or Passport copy required).
  • No child discounts.
  • Infants charged at 25% of quoted rates.
  • IMPORTANT – A minimum of 2 passengers arerequired per booking. Single passengers may be charged a singlesupplement.
  • We offer exclusive rates for South African ID / Passportand SADC Passport Holders (ID or Passport copy required). These ratesoffer a discount over our standard rates.


  • All passengers travelling on our Federal Airlines shuttleflights are entitled to one free piece of checked luggage and one smallcarry on item.
  • Due to the nature of the environment in which we operate,our aircraft are smaller than a typical airliner. As a result of thiswe have small luggage holds which means that we have weight and sizelimitations. The Federal Airlines luggage specifications are as follows:
  •   SOFT (all-sides) luggage/duffel bags with ONEflat side will be allowed. We offer soft sided bags which can bepurchased at our lounge at an additional cost.
  •   Maximum luggage weight (includingphotographic/filming equipment) is 20kg/44lbs (in the hold); maximumluggage size per piece is 40cm (16 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) highx 60cm (24 inches) long.
  •   Maximum hand luggage is 5kg/11lbs (1 soft pieceallowed with ONE flat side only)
  • Should your luggage exceed the above limitations, we willNOT BE ABLE to load it. We do provide a COMPLIMENTARY LUGGAGE STORINGFACILITY (provided guests are booked on a return Johannesburg basis).Excess luggage remains the responsibility of the
  • affected passenger at all times.
  • Oversized luggage CANNOT be carried on your lap. Yoursafety is our first priority and unsecured objects inside the cabin arehazardous.
  • At times, due to an aircraft constraints, excess luggagecan be an operational problem.
  • Therefore any excess luggage over 20kgs needs to bepre-booked and pre-advised. We might not always be able to assistshould excess luggage not have been pre-booked.
  • For less than 10kg extra luggage, there will be an R800surcharge and carriage is subject to aircraft operational weight andbalance restrictions. Should the guest require between 10kg and 20kg ofextra baggage the surcharge is R1500, for more than 20kg we would allocate a freight seat for R2,000 (up to max of 40kg). Forflight safety and operational reasons, all additional freightallowances are subject to weight and balance constraints.
  • We cannot guarantee acceptance or carriage.
  • It remains the responsibility of the booking agent toinform their client of Federal Airlines baggage policies. Full detailsand terms are found on our Terms & Conditions of Carriage. Acopy is available from our Commercial Department and via our website.
Lodges Airstrip Information
Code Lodge Airstrip DrivingTimeAirstriptoLodge
BFR/W Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge Madikwe West 15 minutes
ETL/E Etali Lodge Madikwe East 20 minutes
IPD/W Impodimo Lodge Madikwe West 20 minutes
JAC/E Jaci’s Lodge Madikwe East 35 minutes
MDH/E Madikwe Hills Lodge Madikwe East 20 minutes
JAM/E Jamala Madikwe Lodge Madikwe East 30 minutes
MRL/E M Madikwe River Madikwe East 20 minutes
MDS/E Madikwe Safari Lodge Madikwe East 10 minutes
MAT/E Mateya Safari Lodge Madikwe East 10 minutes
MOL/E Molori Safari Lodge Madikwe East 12 minutes
MOR/E Morukuru Lodge Madikwe East 45 minutes
MSW/W Motswiri Private Safari Madikwe West 20 minutes
RLS/W Rhulani Safari Madikwe West 30 minutes
RMD/W Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Madikwe West 30 minutes
TAU/W Tau Game Lodge Madikwe West 45 minutes
MBH/W Madikwe Bush House Madikwe West 45 minutes
THK/E Thakadu River Camp Madikwe West 45 minutes
TNS/W Tuningi Madikwe West 45 minutes
Code Lodge Airstrip DrivingTimeAirstrip to Lodge
MOS/E Mosetha Bush Camp Madikwe East 30 minutes
ROC/W Rock Fig Lodge Madikwe West   30 minutes
TAM/W Tamboti Madikwe  East 01 hour

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South Africa+27 14 004 0056 / 014 004 0056

Business Hours

Mon – Fri: (09:00 - 17:00)
Sat: (09:00 - 13:00)
Time Zone UTC/GMT +2 hours


What sets us Apart!

Ideal for family or small groups
Rich biodiversity of game
Large elephant population
Over 350 bird species
Effortless road and air access

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Personal inter-action
Lodges with high standards
Stay in control of your booking
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Best time to visit

The best time to visit malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve is during March and November, when temperatures are lower.

Entry Fees

Once-off payment
Paid directly by clients
Rebuilding and Recovery levy
  - R115
pppn (optional)
Gate Entry Fees
  - R200
 per Adults per STAY
  - R100  per Child  (3-8 yrs)
Conservation Levy for International Guests
  -  R450 per Adults per DAY
  -  R225 per Child  (2-12 yrs)
 -  Free under 2 years
 Conservation Levy for South African Resident Guests
  -  R225 per Adults per DAY
  -  R115 per Child  (2-12 yrs)
  -  Free under 2 years
• Bed Levy
  - ZAR 10 pppn from age 1 year old    
SUBJECT to change without notice,
Guests GCC are payable at the lodges and
will be added to guests' bills
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Once-off payment
• Paid directly by clients
Flight Landing Fee
  - R280 per person per stay from age 10 years old
  - R180 per Child (3-9 yrs)  
SUBJECT to change without notice
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